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Leap Pay offers compliant, innovative blockchain-based payment solutions for digital assets.

Leap Pay was conceived to provide an immediate solution to the current needs of companies that are dealing in digital assets. We believe that there are certain inefficiencies in the payment networks that can be improved with the use of new technologies like blockchain, and the use of stablecoins as form for settlement for rails.Believing strongly in compliance and regulations, Legatus Global endeavours to achieve licensing in key global financial hub, hence creating a legal and compliant global payment network.Legatus Global is also in the business of innovation, and as such has a series of innovation financial product offerings not seen in other Fintech companies.



Leap Pay is a global payments network provider that seeks to provide banks and virtual asset providers with a regulatory compliant platform that can facilitate domestic and international transaction settlements in both assets.We hope to provide a regulated network for innovation fintech and blockchain companies who wish to operate but are unable to go through tough regulatory process to apply for licenses.Legatus seeks to serve as a medium between financial institutions like banks and digital wallet providers, facilitating both cross-border and domestic transactions with the choice of licensed virtual assets as a form of payment in Global Merchant Ecosystems. The innovative solution leverages on blockchain technology, which increases transparency, stability, and verifiability of transactions.

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