Leap Pay with ICP as protocol

Legatus Global is Payments Services provider branded as Leap Pay. The Leap Pay wallet is a multi—functional wallet co-develop with ICP Hub on the ICP Protocol. Internet Computer Protocol. The wallet aims to be the payment gateway for regulated and legal off-ramp and on-ramp solutions for digital assets within the ICP Hub Community.

ICP.Hub Singapore is a Community Aggregator Hub funded by the Dfinity Foundation, a Swiss Non-Profit Foundation which is the creator and maintainer of the Internet Computer (internetcomputer.org) Protocol.  The Internet Computer Protocol is the first investment of Andressen Horowitz and has been around 5 years with a live mainnet for the past 2.5 years employing the largest amount of cryptographers within the blockchain industry.

The Internet Computer is a decentralised Cloud (both storage and compute) built on blockchain that allows the construction of fully on-chain Decentralised Applications (Dapps) using the Canister (Smart Contracts) and governed through NNS (Main DAO of Internet Computer) and SNS (DAO for Dapps) which is an alternative to AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, etc.

The Internet Computer is the only blockchain that can support Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  A simple LLM was successfully launched on Internet Computer and this can be further developed with the launch of thestage.ai platform for AI on the Internet Computer.

Problem/Opportunity and Solution/Product

For web2, Internet Computer allows enterprises to experience Web 3.0 by deploying their website on our decentralised cloud without worrying about tokenomics or compliance with regulation. For AI and Fintech startups, we enable higher levels of transparency, security, automation, security and as well democratizing control and access. Enterprises can further proceed to move their business logic into smart contracts and eventually issue tokens if they wish.

For web3, up to 95% of the blockchain relayers are built and deployed on Centralised Cloud service such as AWS, Google Cloud, etc which has backdoors and kill switches.  A recent hack of HK based Mixin Wallet drained USD 200 mil of digital assets due to the hack of their Google Cloud infrastructure.  In order to be truly secure, blockchains and blockchain services will need full stack decentralisation which the Internet Computer can help to achieve.

For governments or large corporations, achieving full sovereignty is a challenge that requires heavy investments, the right location, and technology to build data centres that they fully control.  The internet computer can provide a sovereign cloud environment which is secure, cost effective and capable of running smart contracts.

The Internet Computer seeks to decentralised front ends, decentralised the entire blockchain stack and create sovereign clouds for governments or large corporations.

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